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Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Onyx are types of natural stone.  Each stone sink or mosaic is 'Naturally Unique' because no two stones are exactly the same.  Our products are classified by color and stone type but each product can vary depending on color tone, veining and texture.  These slight variations enhance the beauty and value of natural stone. Natural stone has been used in the construction process for thousands of years and never goes out of fashion.

All natural stone falls into three geological classifications based on how the stone forms.  The three classifications are Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous.  Limestone, Travertine and Onyx are sedimentary stones, and marble is metamorphic.  Limestone, travertine, onyx and marble are calcareous stone meaning they are composed primarily of calcium carbonate.

Caring for your natural stone sink

Clean your natural stone sink regularly with neutral and non-abrasive cleaners.  Calcareous stone (calcium carbonate) is sensitive to acidic cleaners so avoid cleaning solutions that are highly acidic (lemon, vinegar, etc.).  Rinse completely after applying a cleaning product to avoid leaving film or soap scum.  Don't allow standing water to accumulate on the stone as this may leave a film or watermark.  Remove soap scum from natural stone by using a mix of 1/2 cup of ammonia with a gallon of water.

Natural stone sinks are porous and have the potential to stain.  Some of the most common culprits are red wine, fruit juices, coffee, rust, ink, paint, soap scum and water spots.  Blot stains with a paper towel.  Avoid wiping the stain as it may cause it to spread.

We recommend that you seal your natural stone sink to prevent staining.  The stone should be sealed once a year unless you are using a longer term sealer.  Sealers do not prevent stains completely, so the caring instructions above should be followed.

(Ref: Marble Institute of America)

Product Warranty

At TashMart, we stand behind our natural stone products and are committed to ensuring that each sink is inspected and meets our quality standard prior to shipment. Customers are encouraged to inspect the sinks for defects once received and notify us of any concerns prior to installation.

All products have a warranty of 1 year after the date of delivery.  The products are warranted to the original owner or purchaser.  The products are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects including cracks and water leakage.

Normal wear and tear is not covered.  Failure to properly seal, clean or care for the natural stone will invalidate the warranty. Other exclusions include damage as a result of improper installation, improper cleaning or general neglect.

All warrant claims must be submitted via email to Please include proof of purchase that shows purchase date and evidence of defects (preferably with photographs).

Installing and sealing your vessel sink

 The video below provides instructions on how to install and seal your vessel sink.